Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teal and Brown look!

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy this look! It's very pretty with teal and a pop of warm brown in the crease. This look was very fun to re-create as it was inspired by a look " Stephbusta" on youtube did a while back. I did this tutorial a while back and i kind of forgot most of the products I used, but I will name the main products down below. Here are some pictures and a link to the video. Cheers!

Love and kisses always,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hi everyone! The owner of Dawn Eyes, was so kind as to send me some samples to swatch/test. It was a great opportunity! I will list the pros. and cons. of these eyeshadows.


Cons. THERE AREN'T REALLY ANY! Sidenote: the only thing ( as with ALL loose eyeshadows/minerals) there will be some fallout. This is normal, use a good primer and all will be fine.

Sooooooo lets get on with the pictures! ( whoo hoo!)

blurple, copperfog,super sparkle black burning leaves and birds of paradise

so amazing and so SHINY! it appeals to the FUN in me!
foiled ( mixed with water to make a liner)

This is what a few of them look like foiled. I LOVE super sparkle black burning leaves! its a dark matte black with TONS of copper shimmer.
top: super sparkle black burning leaves,middle left to right: copperfog,blurple,tea time rose,date,day lily,amazing base and white gold, bottom: house vernius, birds of paradise

amazing base, date,white gold, day lily and tea time rose

Price:  - Sample: $1.00, Full Size : $6.00 ( USD)
Amount : Sample size = (approx. 1/8 tsp.) Full size = (5gm sifter jar, 1.2-1.5gm net wt.)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reviews ! They will be done here instead of youtube (mostly)

Hi everyone, I have decided more or most of my reviews will be done via blog. To keep things simple, the blog reviews will be better for all of you as there will be clear picture swatches and a write up to read, so you don't have to sit through a 15 minute youtube video ( unless you perfer that! ). I will however post SOME reviews on youtube, but they will be shorter,on point and more specific ie. One product out of a collection vs. ALL products out of a collection. I hope this will benefit everyone! Thanks so much! xoxo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ALMAY intense i-color trios for HAZEL eyes, in # 403 and # 33

Hi everyone! I was at Shoppers  Drugmart and happened to see that the Almay eyeshadows were almost half price. I paid $6.99 each! they are usually $12.49! I picked out these two palettes because they both can work pretty well with my eyecolour ( which changes from brown naturally to green via contact lenses). In my opinion these colours can be flattering to other eye colours, and the best part is they are affordable. The pigmentation is good, at best great, but I cannot say " excellent" or "superb". While they are eyecatching and sparkley, they fail to swatch as pigmented as they look. Used with a base, the colour pay off is ALOT better. I think these are great for people who are new to makeup as the colours can be built upon AND they have instructions on the back of the palette on how to place each eyeshadow to help create the look. Here are some picures of the products, and what they look like on the eyes. Thanks so much for stopping by ! xoxoxox Maraya ~

This one is # 033 , look at how the green shade(top) POPS! The centre shade is a deep dark charcoal gray and the lightest colour is actually a white gold sheen.

This palette ( #403) consists of a pale silver ( top) heather tinted silver (centre) and a gunmetal silver ( bottom)

These pictures are using # 033

These pictures are using #403

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who's that chick?!

Alright folks! It has been too long since I made a blog. I FINALLY got around to making a tutorial! It is inspired by Rihanna's look in the vide " Who's that chick". I hope you all enjoy it! Here are some pictures, and a link to the video. Also, here is a list of the products I used. Love ya! Hope everyone's doing great! XoXo. Maraya

Items used :
EYES : 120 palette(ebay)
Urban Decay primer potion, NYX jumbo eyeshadow stick in Milk, Hard Candy liner in Asphalt , MAC prep+prime lash and Maybelline one by one mascara in black

Cheeks: Petticoat MSF MAC, Phys. Formula blush in Rose glow and NYX pinky blush

LIPS: WetNWild lipsticks in 525d and 511b