Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm not the only one who loves makeup!

I just had to share this super cute picture of the infamous Polly checking out our makeup haul! She is a diva!

She is my bundle of Linnie pig love <3 

Mini blog sale!

Hi everyone! I am having a mini blog sale, to sell off things I am not using, but are new in good condition for someone else to use and love! It also gives me a chance to bring in some rainy day money! ( we all need that! ) :-)  Please check everything out, and please remember it's first come first serve! I only have limited quantities of things, and who ever messages me first, is the one to get them! I am also not bargaining with prices, what ever price is listed, that is the price it's gonna be! Happy shopping and thanks again! PS I only take paypal and ship to only Canada and the USA, please e-mail me if you're interested in shipping costs and I will calculate it for you! my email: linniepig@hotmail.ca Email me what you want, and I will invoice you via paypal :)

Here are some of my mineral eyeshadows for starters. I made these colours bright,bold,unique and shocking! They are sealed and new! ( no labels or boxes, but sifter is sealed. all shadows are pure minerals/oxides and are safe to use. Not advised for use on the lips, but safe for general makeup usuage, contains kaolin clay.)
Supergirl- Bright shimmering hot blue! only 2 left, $8.00 CDN each
Teal Me- A bright shimmering green-blue teal colour. A golden hint in the undertone. Similar to Bollywood but more on the green side. I have 2 of these available, $8.00 CDN each

Bollywood- Bright shimmering blue-green,TONS of shimmer, with a gold undertone. Gorgeous and unique! only 1 left, price is $8.00 CDN

Tanjelous- Beatuiful feisty orange colour with glimmer! BOUND to get you noticed!- 2 available, $8.00 CDN/shadow

Sandstorm- Neutral beige with shimmer. Almost skintone. Great for everyday or as an all over highlighter! 1 available, $8.00 CDN

Lightning Bolt!- Stark silver white, very bold with slight shimmer. Definately a striking colour! 2 available, $8.00 CDN each
Grape Soda-  A vibrant grape purple, lots of shimmer, and extremely pigmented! $8.00 CDN each , I have 2 available!

Cranberry Spritzer- Gorgeous cranberry pink with pink shimmer in it. Wonderful shade for fall! 2 avail. $8.00 CDN each.
Night Sky- A mysterious dusky black with multi-toned shimmer. Looks like a beautiful night sky with shining stars! 2 available, $8.00 CDN each.
Chocolate Cherry- An indulgent burgundy- chocolate shade that is simply divine. TONS of shimmery pink flecks, with a reddened brown undertone. 2 available $8.00 CDN each

Chocolate Cherry

Teal me and Grape Soda

Lightning bolt ( top) and Supergirl

Left-Right, Lightning Bolt,Supergirl,Past Midnight and Cranberry Spritzer

Bollywood,Teal Me ( they are similar but Teal Me is more green) and Grape Soda

Bollywood, Teal Me and Grape Soda


Grape soda, Sandtorm and Tanjelous

Night Sky
 Okay Kiddoes! Time to move onto other goodies!

MaryKay goodies! Everything pictured open or unboxed is from my personal collection for display purposes. All the products you will recieve are NEW and packaged.

New still in wrap Mary Kay Deep Cleanser, orig. price is $17.00 CDN but im asking $13.00 CDN

New in box Mary Kay concealer in " Beige 2 " orig. price is $12.50 CND but i'm asking $9.00 CND

New in box MaryKay Even Complexion Mask orig. price is $26 i'm asking $20.00 CDN

New in box Mary Kay Mneral Foundation Powder in " beige 0.5" ( the one pictured is my personal one thats been used, but you will be recieving a brand new one in box) orig. price is $20 I am asking $15.00 CDN

Now on to the other goodies!

Yves Rocher Hydrating facial gel, I paid $17.00 CDN for it, but I'm asking $12.00 CDN each ( i have 2 available!)

I have a rare limited edition Vacation In a Bottle rollerball giftset from Michael Kors. It features the Island collection fragrances in 0.25 fl. oz. rollerball vials. I have seen the the 50 ml bottles going for $50 + on ebay for one scent! This collection has Fiji, Capri, Hawaii and Bermuda. I have never used this set as I have so many perfumes still unused . It is nicely boxed and can easily make a gift for someone!  I am asking $60.00 for this set. I took the tray out to get better photos of the perfumes.

Streetwear size 10 ladies dressy flats, they are new w/ the tag inside, but they are slighty stretched out as i put newspaper in it to stetch it out to fit better. Never got around to wearing them, so they are basically new. I paid $20.00 CDN but i'm asking $7.00